The next generation composting label

Launched in 2016, the How2Compost label program is an on-package label that let’s you know that the package is BPI-certified compostable and includes a helpful URL for more information about composting. The program is an extension of the highly successful How2Recycle label program.

Simplifying composting is our mission

Composting is confusing, and many packages don’t offer information about compostability. Packaging with the How2Compost label will tell you if it’s compostable in industrial composting facilities, where they exist. The first of its kind, How2Compost offers simple directions and a URL to for more information.

Want to read about the science behind composting, and all its environmental benefits?

US Composting Council: The US Composting Council is a national, nonprofit professional and trade organization that promotes composting, and is committed to the advancement of the composting industry.

Want to get started composting at your home?

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Sustainable Management of Food Program. The EPA and USDA set a goal to cut food waste in half by 2030. They do a great job of explaining why composting is such an important component of that goal, and give you really easy instructions about getting started with composting at your home!

Want to find a composting facility near where you live?

Biocycle’s Findacomposter: This search tool helps you find composting facilities near where you live.

Want to explore the ins and outs of compostability certification?

BPI is a formal partner of How2Compost, and the leader in compostability certification. Up to this point, BPI has led an effective composting label program you may already be familiar with. We’re thrilled to work together in 2016 on How2Compost.

Why should my company become a How2Compost member?

Composting has a multitude of benefits:

  • Compost is a valuable product that enriches soil health, including drainage and aeration, and has many other benefits
  • Food scraps breaking down in a landfill cause methane release, contributing to climate change
  • Waste diversion extends the life of landfills and avoids long-term disposal costs

Joining How2Compost is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate leadership in your field and to affirm your commitment to sustainability.

What does membership in How2Compost entail?

To be able to use the label on packaging, companies must sign a How2Compost Membership Agreement and acquire BPI certification for their packaging. Annual fees range from $0 to $3000 per year, depending on whether you are also a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and/or the How2Recycle program.

Join How2Compost

Let us know more about your compostable packaging goals, and we will contact you about How2Compost membership and more.