Not Yet Recyclable


Dispose of packages with the Not Yet Recyclable label in the trash. Less than 20% of Americans and Canadians can recycle this package or significant challenges exist in sortation, reprocessing, or end markets.



recyclability designations

Learn more about the Not Yet Recyclable label:


When you see the slash through this label, toss the item in the trash! The material, format, or product application deems the package Not Yet Recyclable.

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Forward Progress


In some cases, packages are made of technically recyclable materials, but contamination from food residue or hazardous materials renders them Not Yet Recyclable. It’s important companies include a “Not Yet Recyclable” label to be as transparent with consumers as possible.

Some companies, whose packaging is Not Yet Recyclable, are currently working with our team on Research and Development to redesign their packaging into recyclable formats. This important behind-the-scenes work is happening in real time!