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How2Recycle Recyclability Insights report now available

The How2Recycle Recyclability Insights report provides a macro view of the recyclability of packaging today for the benefit of How2Recycle member companies and the general public. Additionally, this report explores the nature of the How2Recycle program’s influence on packaging design, and includes high-level recommendations to the packaging industry about which interventions on packaging design might be the most impactful.

Key findings include:

  • 44% of the packaging that How2Recycle member companies have submitted for the program’s review is currently recyclable. 
  • The majority of recommendations that How2Recycle provides to its members to make their packaging more recyclable are relatively easy to implement.
  • Two-thirds of recommendations relate to plastic packaging, and most of the remaining recommendations are issued for paper packaging. 
  • How2Recycle has directly influenced at least 6% of its members’ packaging to become more recyclable through recommendations for packaging design changes. 

The report includes the most popular design recommendations issued to members broken down by material types, as well as How2Recycle’s recommendations for collective voluntary commitments aimed at increasing recyclability of plastic packaging in North America.

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How2Recycle Team

How2Recycle Team

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