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Announcing the new How2Recycle Guides to Recyclability

Have you ever been curious about...

  • Why a package receives a certain How2Recycle label? 
  • Why packaging becomes more or less recyclable over time?
  • How companies work to make their packaging more recyclable? 
  • What information sits behind each How2Recycle label to ensure accuracy and consistency in our standardized labeling system?

We now have those answers for you. Two companion reference guides will serve as the first-of-its-kind comprehensive resource to provide transparency to the general public about packaging recyclability. The How2Recycle program is excited to announce the new How2Recycle Guide to Recyclability (‘Guide’) and the How2Recycle Guide to Future Recyclability (‘Future Guide’).

Together, these Guides will provide a detailed behind-the-scenes look into what recyclability really means.

The intent of the first reference guide, the How2Recycle Guide for Recyclability (‘Guide’), is to transparently provide the general public and How2Recycle member companies with guidance around  what recyclability means, along with insights into how the How2Recycle program assesses recyclability on a package-by-package basis.

Content includes:

  • What does ‘recyclable’ mean?
  • What the law says about recyclability claims
  • How does How2Recycle assess recyclability for each package under that definition?
  • Currently under study for How2Recycle

The purpose of the second reference guide, the How2Recycle Future Guide to Recyclability (‘Future Guide’) is to provide How2Recycle member companies with guidance on how to build a future case for their packaging to be considered recyclable, especially as it relates to receiving certain How2Recycle labels. This Future Guide will also serve to demonstrate the complexity of packaging recyclability and the recycling system today to the general public. 

Content includes:

  • “Core” versus “recyclability-challenged” packaging explained
  • Criteria to achieve future recyclability
  • Critical considerations for substantiation data
  • Recommendations for strategizing future recyclability
  • Steps for How2Recycle members to achieve future recyclability

These Guides will be continually updated over time to reflect changes in the How2Recycle program, as well as the potential future of recyclability. 

Please reach out to tell us how you utilize these resources and if there are more specific ways we could cater to your needs. Drop us a line at [email protected].


How2Recycle Team

How2Recycle Team

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