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Costco joins How2Recycle and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, December 11, 2018 — Consumers will soon see the How2Recycle® label on some Costco Wholesale Kirkland Signature™ brand products in stores across the U.S. Costco will use the How2Recycle label to make recycling different types of packaging easy. The standardized label categorizes packaging into a Widely Recycled category, a Check Locally category, a Store Drop-Off category, and a Not Yet Recycled category. By using the How2Recycle label, companies are reducing the frustration and confusion that many people have when trying to decide what to do with a package when they are ready to dispose of it.

“Costco’s private-label brand encompasses a diverse portfolio of product categories. By joining How2Recycle, Costco is empowering their members to properly prepare a wide array of packaging types and materials for recycling. Costco is well poised to help recover large quantities of material by featuring consistent, accurate recycling messaging on package,” said Caroline Cox, How2Recycle project associate.

Costco will be rolling out the label on a variety of packages including Kirkland Signature Organic Raw Kombucha Ginger Lemonade, Baby Wipes and Facial Wipes.


The How2Recycle Label is a U.S.-based standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. Over 100 companies and thousands of name brand products are carrying the How2Recycle label on products. How2Recycle is a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, a membership-based group that brings together business, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively broaden the understanding of packaging sustainability and develop meaningful improvements for packaging solutions. For more information, follow us on Twitter @How2Recycle or go to our website at www.How2Recycle.info.


Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club that currently operates 763 warehouses in 11 countries/regions. For more information about our sustainability commitment please go to our website at https://www.costco.com/sustainability-introduction.html

How2Recycle Communications

How2Recycle Communications

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