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Here's How2Recycle Orville Redenbacher popcorn

Here’s a quick play-by-play about how to recycle this product by following the How2Recycle label.

How2Recycle is designed to make recycling easy for you. In this blog series, we show you real life examples of how to recycle by following our label.

We were happy to see the How2Recycle label on this box recently. Here’s what it told us to do:

Oh! Easy peasy! Recycle the paper box, but throw away the wraps and bags. Got it.

So then I pull out the popcorn. I see the wrap on the outside of the bag.

It’s important to not put stuff in the recycling bin that doesn’t belong there. That’s because it could cause problems at the recycling facility. So following the How2Recycle label, I know that the wrap goes in the trash! Step 1 complete.

Mmm now the good part. The popcorn. I’m going to eat all of it!
And when I’m full and done:

Poof, popcorn bag gone! Step two complete.

Now, what to do with the paper box when I’m all done? Easy. Recycle it. Here it goes:

Goodbye paper box; see you in another life! No need to flatten it out, unless if you want to, to make more space in your recycling bin.

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How2Recycle Team

How2Recycle Team

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